(Five Second Articles) “There’s a reason for the native pronunciation in the English version of RADWIMPS’ ‘Zenzenzense’.” (From the movie “Your Name”)



RADWIMPS’ “Zenzenzense” English Version’s Native Pronunciation

Because of the too wonderful of a pronunciation in the theme song from the unprecedented big hit movie, “your name,” the English version of RADWIMPS’


The theme song to the record-breaking big hit movie, the exceedingly wonderful pronunciation in the English version caused DJ Katsuya Kobayashi of NACK5’s weekly radio program “Funky Friday” to say, “I thought, ‘Man, what a vocal from that talented Yojiro Noda!”

“That’s because Yojiro Noda is a returnee (kikokushinjo), isn’t it.
That’s why his pronunciation is also native.”

Upon investigation, it appears Yojiro Noda (RADWIMPS, Vocal) moved to America three months before he graduated from kindergarten and returned to Japan around the age of 10. Yes, the reason for his fluency is because of the four or so years he spent in America as an impressionable child, like a sponge with its absorbent ability.

Speaking of, it’s because he’s a returnee (kikokushinjo).
That’s why his pronunciation is so close to native.

For now, have a look. I think you’ll understand with those English skills.

RADWIMPS new single「君の名は。English edition」より「Zenzenzense (English ver.)

It’s that the “zenzen” in “Zenzenzense” is Japanese, isn’t it.

RADWIMPS / 前前前世 (English Cover)

The originator of the English edition…


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