I wrote the usage and features of Japanese convenience stores for foreign tourists.

“Explain how to use convenience stores in Japan for foreign tourists and their features. Even the first time is safe now “

It may be the shop that enters the very first place for those who came to Japan for the first time as a convenience store .

So I think that it will be very helpful and please read it.

I will write it as easily as possible.

First of all, convenience store is an abbreviation of convenience store.

I think there are Seven Eleven, Lawson and Family Mart overseas

The convenience store in Japan is somewhat different.

Features of convenience stores in Japan

◯ Enriching fried food

Japanese convenience stores are greasy.

Every convenience store is making fried foods at the flyer behind the cash register.

The main menu is

  • American hotdog
  • Fried chicken
  • Fried chicken
  • potato
  • croquette
  • Frankfurt etc.

The odor of oil when cooking these is full of convenience stores.

People who are sensitive to smell, those who are full of stomach are bad feeling and let’s get prepared and enter.

◯ You can use the toilet freely

Japanese convenience stores have a probability of around 95% and there are restrooms that can be used freely at convenience stores.

If possible, a shop clerk

“I borrow a toilet! 

You can say that.

You can borrow without saying, but it is better to say as a manner of manners in Japan.

When you borrow a convenience store, you may buy only gum, so buy it.

If you borrow it, you should buy a word or something and shop with the intention of paying toilet usage fee.

◯ There is erotic book corner before toilet

Magazines and books are enriched in convenience stores in Japan.

Among them “Ero Book”

Ero Book = Adult Magazine

Erotic books are displayed before the toilet.

It is crazy that you are displaying erotic books 24 hours a day at an unspecified number of age groups.

In order to borrow a toilet, when there is a person in use to wait for the order

Because there are times when you stand in front of erotic book corner so that you do not seem to be visible to the person choosing erotic books

Let’s cheat by looking at smartphones etc.

◯ There is oden in front of the cashier

There is oden from the autumn to the spring before the cash register.

What is oden? …

This is it ↓

Somehow Japanese people like this and eat.

However, it is better not to buy because there are many cases sold with the lid open.

It is not so tasty.


◯ Most of the items are in a single serving (1 serving)

The difference between Japan and foreign goods (not limited to convenience stores)

Foreign countries, each one is big

Japan is small.

So it is a feature that you can buy only a little what you want.

◯ Open 24 hours

Apart from rural convenience stores, it is open almost 24 hours 24 hours.

However, please note that convenience stores in the early morning are bad.

◯ Free registration allows you to use Wi – Fi.

Conversely, Wi-Fi can not be used unless you register for free.

Moreover, there are many limitations of 60 minutes by connecting once.

Japan has few free Wi-Fi that can be freely used like a foreign country

It will be a precious place.

The article is over.
Thank you very much for reading to the end.