I will explain how to use and eat Japanese buckwheat [Taro Yude].

This article will explain how to use and eat Japanese buckwheat shops.

The name of the shop is called [Yude Taro].

By the way, buckwheat noodles are Japanese famous noodles.

【Yude Taro】 is here ↓

Edo Cut Soba 【Yude Taro】

Buckwheat noodles are from 320 yen.

Besides buckwheat there are curry and rice, cutlet on rice and others.

There are plenty of menus and it’s really nice.

It was about 8 o’clock in the morning when I visited this day.

There is a morning menu in the morning.

The morning menu is a set and it’s a bit cheap.

The entrance is an automatic door.

Even automatic, the door will not open unless you press the switch at the hand position.

This is not automatic, it’s just a convenient door.

There are bloggers who write about this handy door in Japan.

 I’m glad I really quit the company Tatsumi Softcore!

I discovered an automatic door pretending to be an automatic door so I reveal it

There are two kinds of automatic doors. It’s an automatic door pretending to be an automatic door and an automatic door. I decided to reveal because the non-automatic door pretends to be an automatic door

As soon as entering the shop, it says “Please buy me a ticket with a ticket vending machine”.

It is a system that can buy a ticket and give the ticket to the shop clerk for ordering.

It is such a feeling, so choose the menu you want to eat.

I will buy a set of this “Taka vegetarian rice and soba”.

This menu is a morning menu up to 11 in the morning.

If you decide what you want to eat, put money first.

Credit cards can not be used in this shop.

All menus are written in Japanese.

Good luck Japan!

Please put all the English notation by the Tokyo Olympic Games!

After putting in money, press the button of the menu you want to eat.

I will pass the tickets to the clerk.

The soba store here is making homemade noodles.

Instant food will never come out.

Wait a while standing while looking at the inside of the store.

The customer was only this person.

There are few customers in the morning.

After waiting for about 3 minutes, I ordered a menu.


There is heavenly dregs on the counter so I can put as much as I want.

Tenkasu is the part of the clothing of tempura.

You say [Tanukisoba] soba with this heavenly dregs in.

Never, there is no animal raccoon.

I will put a heavenly residue.

I also have chopsticks at the counter so take it.

I will carry the soba set to the table.

The table can be chosen freely.

I will sit here.

Water is self-service.

This way I will pour water.

This is 360 yen!

Let’s eat!

Soba 【Tanukisoba】

Kota Takasui

“Taka,” “Mentaiko” and “Nori seaweed” are on the rice.

It is a delicious taste.

Mentaiko is a bit spicy.

Let me bounce a little, it will cool down.

It will cool down as soon as you bounce it.

It is cool to do this.

I ate it at once.

I am full.

When I finish eating, I will bring it to the return corner.

Be sure to clean up yourself.

It is a return corner.

When I finish eating, I will leave the store promptly.

It seems to be a Yankee if I stay in a store forever.

How was it?

I explained how to use and eat Japanese buckwheat shop.

Please do experience it!