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There are people who have lived in Japan and have never been to a convenience store

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In this article, I will explain how to use convenience stores in Japan.

This time, we will send you photos centered around Lawson.

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What is a convenience store?

In Japan there are shops open 24 hours a day for convenience stores.

A convenience store is a shop where household goods are placed, mainly food.

There are mainly sandwiches, rice balls, lunch boxes, drinks, sake, confectionery, miscellaneous goods, magazines, cartoons, retort items and so on.

It is the number of major convenience stores in Japan.

Rank chain Number of people Year over year
1 Seven-Eleven 19044 Hotels 6.6% increase
2 Family Mart 18240 eaves 61.8% increase
3 Lawson 12557 Hotels 6.8% increase
Four Ministop 2227 elephants 3.9% increase
Five Daily Yamazaki 1464 eaves 6.6% decrease
6 Seicomart 1178 eaves 1.4% increase
7 poplar 473 eaves 4.4% decrease
8 Three f 539 Hotels 4.2 decrease
9 Save on 500 people 17.3% increase
total 56222 eaves 3.2% increase

Statistics by prefecture and graph quotation from prefectural characteristics seen in ranking

Seven Eleven, FamilyMart and Lawson are said to be the three biggest convenience stores in Japan.

Actually, you will see many of these three stores in town.

So, I went to Lawson, so I would like to explain with photos.

How to shop at Lawson (How to use Lawson)

A blue sign is a landmark of Lawson.

Lawson is a door type. I do not see many automatic doors.

This door enters and leaves the store by pushing and pulling.

As soon as you enter the shop there is a basket.

I use this basket when many items I want.

As soon as entering the shop there is a magazine corner.

Mostly it is on the street side.


There is an adult magazine corner in the back of the magazine corner.

This is commonplace in Japan, but it is insane in foreign countries.

That’s right, this is Japan (^ ^)

We also sell toothpaste set, hair dressing and underwear.

Cold drink corner

There are tea · carbonated drink · juice · beer · shochu · cocktail · sake.

We also have snacks and retort foods.

Batteries, chargers, earphones, etc.

I also have stationery.

Seasoning section.

Retort food.

Sweets for children.

Japanese children staple this (^ ^)

Cup soup and so on.

I will add 1 item to your lunch and eat it.

Women who are on a diet can finish lunch alone with this soup.

Cup ramen · cup fried noodles corner.

Most cup products are put in hot water and are completed in about 3 minutes.

I said, “Eating only cup noodles makes me cancer. I was brought up by Mama and I grew up.

It is the teaching that get sick if you eat too much.

I will continue.

Cup ramen and cup miso soup.

Miso soup is a Japanese food lover.

Cup noodles like this are cautious.

It is spicy.

Would you like to challenge?

Today ‘s shopping came to pick lunch.

I will buy a cup noodle.


“What is different between cup noodle nice and light and normal? Actually eat nice …

Thanks! I am the second serving of carbohydrates in my life. This time, the product I tried was …. ← This blog, I experienced it, I am named info. Thank you in the future. It is cup noodle nice [Nissin ‘s cup noodle nice]. Speaking of Nissin ‘s cup noodle [Cupine …

I will walk in the aisle while holding it in my hand.

Since there are baskets other than the entrance of the shop, put a cup noodle in the basket.

And I will continue with the explanation.

There are also many wines.

Ice cream cones are also substantial.

I also have drinks for lunch.

This time, people around the world selected Coca-Cola I love.

I will bring it in this way and carry it.

Pan corner

Salad corner

Natto is seen in the lower right.

Natto, the nation’s representative food, is sure to exist at any convenience store. (I do not smell)

There are pasta and udon · soba.

It is here to eat it with a range to warm.

In the convenience store, you can “warm me up” the item I bought? As you are asked, please let us know if you can warm up.

“When you eat it immediately,” Please. 

“When you do not eat immediately,” No, thanks. Let’s say it.

It is a boxed lunch corner.

There is also a “beef bowl” that sukiyaki got on top of the rice.

If you eat beef bowl, it will be delicious and you will love it.

There is a fried chicken near the cashier.

There are also fried chicken and croquette grilled chicken.

These are “directly to the clerk at the time of treasure” Please do this. “I will tell you.

The moment of entering a convenience store, the cause of a strange smell is the smell which raises this fried food.

Fried food is cooked in the back of the cash register at convenience stores.

Fried is delicious.

From autumn, until spring, there is a meatball.

Various kinds such as meat, aman, pizza, curry, etc. are abundant.

Bento is also sold at stores.

There is a cigarette in the back of the cash register.

I order cigarettes by number.

In Japan you can only buy over 20 years old.


I tried to write an opinion (review) honestly at the smell center of glo (glow). Can you do it?

Here I am honestly writing the impression that I tried Glow for about 2 months. About lyrics and about smell etc, we write honestly without lying in the second half. Please have a look, if very well. What is glo (glow)? Glow Officially explained the glow briefly from HP … Normal …

Lawson is famous for its delicious and sweet sweets.

There are prepaid cards such as Apple.

There is no telephone SIM card in Japan.

Gum · Frisk Corner

I will bill you if I decide what I want.

I will hand it to a cashier store clerk.

The name and price of the item you bought for this monitor will come out.

Even cash is OK,

Credit cards and money cards can be used.

Credit cards can be used by most companies.

You can credit card payment without a fee from 1 yen.

I will hand the credit card to the clerk.

It scans and returns it.

Basically it can be settled by Nojin.

Because Japanese are gentle, store clerk inserts the items I bought in plastic bags.

I will leave the store promptly as soon as you hand me the item.

You should not make noise around the store.

Summary of how to use convenience stores in Japan (Lawson edition)

  • The convenience store opens 24 hours (with some exceptions)
  • Lawson’s door is manual type
  • A magazine has an adult book in the corner.
  • Alcohol is also put.
  • Carry the item you want to buy in a basket.
  • I do not sell phone SIM cards.
  • Accounts can be used from a small amount without a credit card.

Bonus ↓

About free Wi-Fi

Although I did not explain in this article, I am skipping free Wi-Fi at convenience stores.

You can use it for about 60 minutes by making some simple registrations. ※ Time may vary depending on each convenience store.

How to set up Wi-Fi at convenience stores will be introduced in future articles.

How about this article together?


Dinner information I tried dinner for 1,000 yen at convenience store Lawson.

1000 yen clasped and bought a drink for the fourth series Convenience Lawson edition 1000 yen clenching and drinking before the previous previous notice The first bullet before the previous previous work. Cospa best! I grasped 1000 yen to Family ‘s “Saizeriya” and went to dinner. It will be the second previous previous work. “…
Three reasons why Lawson recommends if you are considering dinner at a convenience store. cheap! close! Carbohydrate low!