Kariya highway oasis super super baths “Kakutsuba” hot spa facility ranking number one! 【50 photos】

Kariya Highway Oasis

Ferris wheel which is also a symbol of Kariya Highway Oasis

Ferris wheel which is also a symbol of Kariya Highway Oasis

What is the famous Kariya highway oasis nationwide?

It is a parking area on expressway connecting Mie, Aichi and Shizuoka. It is located in Aichi prefecture.

It is directly connected to the “Kariya parking area” of “Ise Gulf Coast road”.

The amusement park is also famous here, and it seems that the number of visitors is third in the whole country. ※ According to Toyo Keizai online article

Parking area · Famous eating place It is a complex complex with shopping area · shopping · amusement park · super public bath.

Official HP of Kariya Highway Oasis (returning when you go to the link)

In this article, I will introduce about  Hot Spring Facilities  among them, “Natural Hot Spring Kakitsubata” .

Because I am summarizing the pictures which are not on the Official page of Kakutsuba

I would be happy if you read it in conjunction with the official page and imagine it!

* Because it shot in a hurry, it has defocus. I’m sorry.

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Natural hot spring beard

Yoshino 55 Yoshino Town, Kariya-shi, Aichi Prefecture, 448 – 0007 (within Kariya Highway Oasis)

TEL. 0566 – 35 – 5678

When using a car

It can be used from both public and highway

● It is approximately 5 km to the east from Ise Wangan Auto Expressway “Toyake IC” and is directly connected to Kariya PA.

● Proceed north east to the east intersection of Route 1 and Route 289 East Imagawa Town for approximately 3 kilometers and reach approximately 1 km east of Numata intersection.

Free large parking lot 1280 units equipped! (PA · 614 vehicles / general road · 666 vehicles)

When using public transportation

● At JR Tokaido Main Line ‘Kariya Station’, change to Kariya City Public Facilities Connection Bus (Kariya Station North Exit) ‘East Boundary Line’ or ‘West Border Line’ and get off at ‘Kariya Highway Oasis’. About 40 minutes. Ten flights per day.

– Change to Meitetsu bus “Aichi education college front” at Meitetsu Nagoya main line “Chiryu station”. Get off at the “Highway Oasis West Exit” bus stop. About 10 minutes on foot.

– Change to the contact bus “Route 2” at Meitetsu Nagoya main line “Chiryu station” and get off at “Highway Oasis East” bus stop. 5 minutes on foot.

Quoted from official website

Kakubatta exterior (entrance)

[Official HP] A lot more pictures posted! I went to Kariya highway oasis super super bath.

Weekday 9: 00 ~ 23: 00 (last reception 22 : 15)

Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 7: 00 ~ 23: 00 (last reception 22 : 15)

15th of every month (next weekday in the case of Saturday , Sunday and public holidays)

Adult (junior high school student) ¥ 820 ※ Saturdays-and-Sundays congratulation 7: 00 ~ 9: 00 is 620 yen
Member Adult ¥ 770 ※ Saturdays-and-Sundays congratulation 7: 00 ~ 9: 00 is 620 yen
Dwarf (free until 3 years old) 410 yen
Number of entrance tickets (11 sheets spell) Adult ¥ 8,200
Members Adult ¥ 7,700
Janshi-dong usage fee 410 yen
Janshi-dong use frequency ticket (11 sheets spelling) ¥ 4,100

※ You can not use only Banjusong. A separate admission fee is required.

Rental towel (set of bath towel / face towel) 200 yen
Face towels for sale 200 yen
A razor 100 yen
toothbrush 100 yen
  • Children under junior high school students are not allowed to use them.
  • Those who are tattoos · tattoos (including seals), gangster officials, people who are overly drunk, people with skin disorder, people with infectious diseases, entrants to pet owners We will refuse.
  • We do not accept food and drink into the hall.
  • We will leave the building promptly if there are acts such as annoying to other customers in the hall, loud voices inside the hall, running around in the hall and in the bathroom etc.
  • All displayed amounts are tax inclusive.

Quoted from official website

Since the monthly events are also fulfilling, it is a virtue to confirm with this place.

This time it was Saturday morning so it was 1,240 yen for a couple and a 4 year old child .

Breakdown … Saturdays-and-Sundays congratulation 7 o’clock – 9 o’clock adults adults alone 620 yen. One child per adult is free.

Foot bath

[Official HP] A lot more pictures posted! I went to Kariya highway oasis super super bath.

Foot bath of the entrance as it seems to insert only footbath without using the inside of the hall. I’m happy that my circulation is getting better as my feet tend to be swollen while driving.


Around the shoe box

In the hall

Second floor hood corner

2nd floor food corner Kojour

2nd floor boys’ toilet

It is clean with tatami (with slippers)


One person sofa

Outlet clothing sales space

1st Floor

There is a space where you can lightly lie down under the stairs.

There is a narrow but kids space

Stable raw juice sale

Stable ice sales

Vending machine (inside the first floor hall)

Foot massage machine (charged)

First floor hall and dining room seen from the second floor


1st floor cafeteria Wakuroze Luxury

Washu Washi menu menu


Please see here for an explanation.

Goryoin (Massage)

Please see here for an explanation.

Temiri (Korean style health law)

Please see here for an explanation.

Smoking area Below the stairs (1st floor)

Bathing / clothing room

Men’s hot water

Please see the state of the bath from here

A lady’s hot bath

Please see the state of the bath from here

Dressing room

Locker (free · no coins)

Second floor resting place


It is a cartoon cafe. Here you can eat lunch boxes for bringing in. In this case, there is no free water or tea. Food service users have free drinking water service.

Many types of cartoons were also gathered up beautifully.

Blankets can also be used.

Reclining / massage chair area

TV is a system in which earphones are not used and sound comes out from the ear. It’s handy because it’s a built-in remote control.

There is also a paid massage chair.

There is a space for women in the back. 5-6 cars?


Getdata Getdata Getdata Getdata


It is convenient because it can be used without registration (only consent). Speed ​​is ….


Here and there


There is no “slime” in the bath!




I am a super public bath fan and I use 20 to 30 facilities annually, but Kakutsuba is the first overall ranking of the tatto .

※ There is not any relation with Kakutsuba. It is one of my fans.

Thank you very much for reading to the end.