I will explain how to use a Japanese drink vending machine (how to buy a drink).

Do you know vending machines?

About vending machines in Japan, we usually talk about drink dispensers.

And in Japan this vending machine is messed up a lot.

We sell it on the street around there for 24 hours.

That means that Japan has good security.

So, we will explain how to use vending machines with more photos.

How to use Japanese vending machines (how to buy)

This vending machine is in the sports gym.

After exercise my throat is dry so let’s drink cold!

But I am full of stomach so the amount is less …

Let’s make coffee today (^ ^)

Let’s make it to Coca-Cola Company?

Or Suntory?

Well … I’m troubled.

Let’s decide with roulette!

♪ ♪ ♪

Roulette is getting late.

♪ ♪

Coca-Cola company decided!

This is the lineup of Coca-Cola Company.

Tea from the left, carbonated orange juice, carbonated fruit juice, grapefruit juice

Coffee, coffee, apple juice from the left

From the left, water, peachy water, caffe latte

From the left, green tea, oolong tea, jasmine tea, water

From the left Hot lemon ginger, hot green tea, hot milk tea, hot coffee latte, hot coffee

By the way the blue mark is a cool drink and the red mark is a warm drink.

All hot coffee

Hot coffee from the left, hot coffee, hot cocoa

If you decide to buy, I will put money first.


Money always goes first.

Otherwise it will not come out.

Check the amount of the item you want and put money in.

An expensive price of 50 yen or more and a 1000 yen bill can be used.

Credit cards can not be used.

Some vending machines can also use electronic money.

Electronic money … nanako · suica etc.

Fishing will come out from here.

Fishing will definitely come out in Japan.

There is absolutely nothing to say that fishing will not come out.

That is a country called Japan!

The exit of fishing is roughly in the lower right of the machine.

This is how to press the correct button.

It is okay to push this way.

This is not good.

This is how to press Yankee.

When you press the button, the item will come out from here.

There is no thing that no product comes out.

That is also Japan!

Try taking out …

hot! hot! hot!


I made a mistake!

I bought hot coffee even though I sweat in exercise!

Even though I am sweating …

It can not be helped.


Most drinks in Japan can be opened like this.


There are many places where garbage boxes are installed beside vending machines.

Trash to the trash can.

The beauty of Japan is kept like this.

Vending machine, please try using by all means.