How to shop in Seven Eleven Japan ※ How to use a convenience store

There are many convenience stores in Japan.

The main company is Seven Eleven Lawson FamilyMart.

This time we will tell you how to shop at the 7-Eleven.


How to shop in Seven Eleven Japan

It is the entrance of the 7-Eleven.

Many Seven Eleven are automatic doors. (There are stores that are not automatic)

As soon as entering the shop there is a health drink corner.

I do not know why.

As soon as entering the shop there is a magazine corner.

I also sell cartoons.

I also have Amazon and Apple prepaid cards.


Going to the back of the shop there is an adult magazine corner.

Keep away from children.

Adult books are placed randomly.

There is a bank ATM.

There is also a copy machine.

You can copy from 10 yen per sheet.

You can import photos and other data from smartphones and SD cards and print them.

There is also a toilet so you can borrow it.

Let’s use the toilet cleanly.

It is a drink corner.

I also have alcohol.

I also sell stationery.

Sake is on the right and sweets on the left.

There are also snacks and Japanese rice crackers.

There are wine, Japanese sake and shochu.

※ The beer is in the refrigerator.

Food item corner

Cup noodle corner

There is yogurt · jelly · pudding.

There are also cream puff and cake.

Lunch box section

There are also rice balls.

Sandwich corner

There are Japanese tea in the lower row.

This time I will buy sandwiches, tea and curry.

Pan corner

Ice coffee buys this cup and makes coffee with self-service.

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There is also a cigarette in the checkout counter.

I will tell the clerk my number of cigarettes and purchase it.

The number of cigarettes is not unified in each shop.

Next to the cashier, there is a side dish like croquette · Frankfurt.

There is also oden in the checkout counter.

I will bring the goods I want to the cash register.

Credit cards are accepted.

Of course you can also use cash.

How was it?

You understand how to use Seven Eleven in Japan.

Please use it by all means.