How to make Japanese cup noodles. Udon no edition

There are cup noodles in Japan.

Ramen · Udon · Soba · Yakisoba etc. are representative cup noodles.

This time we will tell you how to make a cup udon.

Cup noodles are sold at convenience stores, supermarkets, drugstores.

Even the same goods can be bought cheaply in the order of convenience store → drug store → supermarket.

First of all, I get a cup noodle so I can do anywhere.

How to make cup noodle (Udon edition)

Boil water.

This is a dirty electric kettle, but please do not mind.

Put the cup noodles on the table.

Please be sure to put it on a flat place.

Peel off the film package.

This cup noodle (udon) can be made in 4 minutes after putting hot water.

Open the lid halfway.

If you open all of them, you can not close the lid after putting in hot water, so we will make it to half.

Pour hot water with the lid half open.

Please be careful not to burn yourself.

Pour hot water carefully aiming at the middle.

Put hot water to the line of pink  .

I will put on the lid.

You can seal it by bending the tip of the lid.

I will spend my time in my heart with my dream and hope for 4 minutes.

In this way the steam may open the lid.

Please close the lid immediately.

It will soon.

Please hurry.

It has opened again.

Please close the lid immediately.

There is also a technique to suppress it with chopsticks so that the lid does not open.

Four minutes later …

I did it!

Fold the lid once after making it.

I will fold it again like this.

Fold the other side again.

Finally, fold it to the other side.

This way you can eat udon without placing a steamy lid on the table.

I use thick noodles for udon.

The raw material is flour.

I will eat with chopsticks.

The temperature of the noodle will cool down when it is bounced like this.

I could take a beautiful picture behind a Mac.


Please eat cup noodle in front of PC and juice scatters on screen.

Cup noodles are sold for around 150 yen.

Please challenge by all means!