An article explaining how to buy and eat cup noodles at convenience stores in Japan

First, I will look for a convenience store.

In a city in Japan, there is a convenience store as you walk a kilometer.

You will certainly find it in the countryside if you walk 20 km.

This time, I tried Lawson.

Open the door with your right hand.

Another left hand is OK.

There is a cup noodle corner around the middle of the shop.

In Japan, there are ramen, noodles, soba, fried noodles, etc. that came in the cup.

Everything is tasty.

I will bring the necessary items to the cash register.

It corresponds to credit settlement from 1 yen.

Of course it is OK even in Japanese yen.

Looking inside the shop there is a pot with hot water.



A pot with hot water! ! !

Put the cup noodles you purchased in front of the pot.

Suppress the feelings I want to eat and settle down once.

Always let’s check your account first!
Peel off the vinyl.
There is a seal to prevent the lid from opening after hot water is put in the bottom.
Put the seal on the pot.
one point
If you throw away this seal, it opens when you put hot water, so be sure to put it on the pot and do not lose it.
Open the lid.
Press the lock release button.
When hot water button is pushed, hot water comes out.
Pour hot water to the line.
one point
It is light when putting hot water above the line. Hot water is darker under the line. If you do not put hot water it will be like a snack confection.
Paste the seal that closes the lid ahead of time.
The lid will not open by sticking this sticker.
Wait 3 minutes.
Please think about what you like.
And I will eat.
This time I ate in the car.
Let’s not eat in front of convenience stores.
It seems to be Yankee.
Always drink soup.
It is because there is no place to throw away the soup.
Please do not throw away the remaining soup on the street. It is a manner violation.
You can throw away the cup that you finished eating in a garbage can in convenience stores.
The trash can also be outside the convenience store.
I throw it away like this.
Because Japan is a beautiful country surely trash to the trash can!
That’s it, how to buy and eat cup ramen at a convenience store.