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What is a super public bath? What is a hot spring?

There is a public bath called “super public bath” in Japan.

Public baths are bathing facilities that anyone can use.

Appearance * Images are taken from Saitama Kiyagera Temple Spa HP of Kiyageraji hot spring is here

If you are alive, you can put in it from a child to an old man.

Pet bathing is not available.

* In rare cases there is also a public bathhouse for pets, but I will omit it in this article.

Let’s wash your body first.

It is a manner of defense.

Please wash your body first.

A scary little girl shouts when trying to enter the body without washing it.

I sit in such a place and take a shower.

Washroom * Images are cited from blogs of national hot spring tours thousands of years old

Basically it is a sitting system although there is space to stand in a standing.

Let’s not let water to the next person.

This is NG ↓

※ Pictures are quoted from Nada hot spring

Do not put it on people behind you.

What kind of bath is there?

The main bathroom in the room is like this.

There is also a bath that goes out from the neighborhood and enters outside. 

Open-air bath ※ The image from Saitama Kiyagera Temple Onsen HP is here

There is also a sauna.

In Japan, losing when getting out earlier than the person who entered from the sauna later in the sauna.

If you come later than that person, there is a game where you do not have to wish to win.

I am competing in my mind.

However, it often goes for the purpose of relaxing and changing the mood rather than the meaning to use for washing the body.

What to do first if you get out of the bath

There is a vending machine of milk surely in the changing clinic. There should be.

Please buy milk with this ↓ It is roughly 100 yen ~ 150 yen.

※ Picture from PUSH-PULL-sama’s blog

※ Pictures are taken from Hachinohe – Shaku Blessed Blog

And drink this milk like this. 

It is Japanese culture.

Please experience as much as you want.

About rest areas

After having taken a bath, I extended my legs in a room of tatami

There is a place to rest your body by watching TV or going to bed.

There is also juice.

There is also a restaurant.

It means that there is a big Japanese style living room.

Rest area * Images are taken from Saitama Kiyagera Temple Spa HP of Kiyageraji hot spring is here

Once you take a break you can return to the bath or return home.

Please as you like.

Most Japanese will stay for 2 hours in total for 1 hour in the bath and 1 hour in the break.

Please enjoy it.

Thank you very much for reading to the end.